Trapped in Spontaneous Disintegration (EP 2013)

by IncognoscI

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"Back in November I got to review an album by the band Gutted Souls, who are a raw sounding old school death metal band with a ton of promise in their sound. Frontman Iron Francisco isn't limiting himself to to just one band. He's got a side project under the name Incognosci that plays brutal death metal more in the style of Dying Fetus and Aborted, with a good heaping of technical death metal influence.

Now there's not a whole lot to review here as of yet, since the only thing the band has released thus far is this two track EP, but it's a short and sweet proof of concept pretty much. You get enough of the band's sound to hear what they could become on future releases. the production quality of these two tracks is a little bit cleaner than Gutted Souls' EP, but there is still a great raw energy to the music, and it feels like what you might get if you actually saw these guys live.

The vocal style Francisco has is pretty consistent with Gutted Souls, with a bit more brutal death style gurgles thrown in, which is great for this style of music. The guitar work has great focus on big chunky riffs, interspersed with great fast paced licks and bits of lead guitar shrills and sweeps, but not to the point of it being guitar wankery at all.

It's hard to fully judge a band based on two songs, but Trapped In Spontaneous Disintegration has me interested in hearing more from these guys. They've got the style nailed down and with a bit of funding a longer EP or maybe even a full LP would be awesome to hear."

- Blast Beats and Silver Screens Webzine


released December 19, 2013



all rights reserved


IncognoscI Rio, Brazil

IncognoscI began in the ashes of the Brutal band NECROPSE, with Marcos and Jonathas who teamed together to make insane and deranged sounds. They got together with Iron and the latest release is a single that expands on the story of the thematic EP of 2013, focused on the mental torments of a brainwashed man, which is part of a larger story that will be told on the upcoming full-length. ... more

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Track Name: Trapped in Spontaneous Disintegration
Days pass, events came
The turmoil only a memory
Repressed, long forgotten
Only a memory.

Rationalized all doubt away
I am just a normal human.
A normal human
Who only sleeps
If drugged to submission.

Nightmares hound me
Failing to death
Dissolving into oblivion

Myself, unglued
Eternally trapped
In spontaneous disintegration

What is happening?
But I cant sleep
Still deep inside, I await the day
The day of reckoning
The day they will come
The day that will end this torment
And I will bring torment upon others
The day they will call me...
Track Name: Traumatize the Masses
The desire for power
endless greed
conquer, predict
the enemy's movement
We are amoral almost divine
Subjugating all the sheep
Our enemies..
to one will...

Erasing the sparks...
Of conciousness...
You shall be...
Our pavlovian dogs
dogs of pavlov
Subjugated with terror
(with fake threats, we create your agressors..)

masters of deceit
we lie to your face...
to your face...
And you'll fear terrorists.

Empatic, weak
Our moral compass:
The search for
ultimate power

Traumatize the masses - psychological warfare

Hordes of sheep ready to serve
We shall pick one to further our aim
One of your own
You shall never know..